Yoga As It Is

INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY 2018 couldn’t have been any better. A jubilant, informative talk at the premier DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation, Bengaluru, attended by over 250 scientists including the Director, DRDO. The scientists got acquainted with the correlation between Yoga and the ballistic missiles of the past and also with the real purpose of Yoga and its wonders. …A chance to look back in time at the priceless gifts handed down by the great Indian Scientists (Yogis) of the past. Prolific scientists like Patanjali, one of the original teachers of Yoga, Bhaskaracharya, Vishwamitra, to name a few, deserve illimitable reverence and adoration for endowing the world with Yoga and showing us the way to true inner satisfaction. Sadly today, this very science that holds the secrets to the Universe and the key to eternal joy and happiness, has now become a sixty billion-dollar business worldwide, bereft of its core essence. It’s time to get to the table and bring back the original glitter of Yoga, the practice of which, promises profuse inner peace and happiness. The dearth of true Yoga has brought about an ineffable destruction to the entire humanity.