Old Normal

The Natural spirit of Enquiry – Inaugural address

By Padma Shree Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai ISRO.

The basic need for education is very nascent and bubbling in the student in the form of inquisitive questions about the world around us. To cater to this need we need genuine teachers who do not curb the spirit of enquiry but fan the spark into a roaring fire of knowledge and realization.

The following points were covered in the Inaugural address by the speaker

1. The spirit of Enquiry in Humans

2. Education is as normal and necessary as breathing to humans

3. Genuine Education brings enlightenment and fullfillment as natural outcomes

4. A society dedicated to satisfying enquiry and fulfilling life’s goals is really progressive and not one that caters to the economy alone

The Teaching, Learning & Growing continuum

By Dr. A. Kalanidhi

The greatest of teachers are students throughout their lives constantly learning, deliberating and giving their wealth of knowledge to students who continue the legacy of pure knowledge transfer for mature growth and fulfilment of life.

The following points were covered by the speaker

1. Inspiration for life long education Vs Jobs sans education

2. Educations sans learning

3. Teaching and Learning continuum

Tradition and Modernity in Education

By Dr. Sasangan Ramanathan

Does all this mean that we need to go back to sitting under big banyan trees listening to bearded old gurus, giving up computers and classrooms and technology ? NO . The art of preserving the untarnished spirit of traditional education and incorporating appropriate technology is the innovation needed today.

The following points were covered by the speaker

1. Innovation in methods or principles of education?

2. Tradition vs The Modern

3. The new Education Policy In India

Foundational principles of Education

H.H. Bhakti Vinoda Swami

Just like inquiry is the basis of our educational culture , the means by which we expand inquiry into a blossoming individual full of confidence and knowledge constitutes education. The foundation of this is the teacher and his rich relationship with the student based on knowledge, trust and friendship, not paid money.

The following points were covered by the speaker

1. The teacher student relationships now and then.

2. Service to the teacher, not Money.

3. Self realisation, character and spirituality as the main goal of education.

4. Knowledge, application and realization.