Educational Activities

Kids Education

A young mind is very malleable and to inculcate virtues and equip him/her with an all-round development that helps in shaping his/her future is what programs at ISKCON Coimbatore are aimed at.  

F.O.L.K – Friends of Lord Krishna

F.O.L.K. is a once-a-week wholesome training programme oriented towards the all-round development of school going children and to equip them with what they need to make full use of the most impressionable phase of their life. The programme caters to the emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of children. Highlights of the programme is that , learning happens through fun with specially designed text books for creative learning facilitated by well trained, qualified and expert faculty, happening at the temple and 10+ centres spread over the city. 

Sunday evening classes @ Academy

Classes with a well-planned syllabus and carefully chosen lessons to address the intellectual and emotional needs of growing children. Simultaneously, students are trained in storytelling, creative exercises, singing, dancing & dramas. They also get to present their newly discovered skills to delight their elders!

Summer and Winter Camps

“Gopal’s camps” is  a welcome alternative to intensive summer coaching camps.  Expertly trained teachers focus on each child and encourage them to blossom to their full self.

Great Indian Heritage

The Great Indian Heritage is an annual Children’s Festival that showcases competitions for over 4,000 students of Coimbatore’s schools in 5 event categories – Inter-school Quiz, Painting, Elocution, Singing and Fancy dress.

Value Education

Creative value education classes at schools are conducted on a weekly or fortnightly basis by expertly trained teachers who aim at inculcating sound moral values and character in young minds.



Education is the vehicle of knowledge, self-preservation and success. Education not only gives a platform to succeed, but also the understanding of social conduct, strength, character and self-respect.

However, the greatest gift that education provides is the knowledge of unconditional love and a set of values which is what Ankur primarily focuses on. Ankur, is designed to aid children cope with the increasing pace and change of modern life by incorporating life-skills such as the ability to deal with stress and frustration and to build a sound character.

Ankur has been devised to spread life skills training to the schools across Coimbatore. Children will be able to experience an all-round development in the student-centric classroom through mutual collaboration, communication , creativity and critical thinking.