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An initiative exclusively tailored for corporates, LOTUS builds modules to enrich the minds of young as well as seasoned leaders. While traversing the rapids of an ever-changing economy, managers would do well to undertake the important exercise of self evaluation, learn how “extreme specialization” or “deep knowledge” in a narrow field of study is no longer sufficient to stay ahead, and discover the tremendous success that they themselves and their respective organisations stand to gain by widening their outlook, enlightened by perspectives from an ancient yet relevant spiritual science.

Corporate Topics
  • Dealing with Change
  • Work-Life Balance (a.k.a “Take a Break”)
  • Self-Renewal
  • A deeper look at Success, Failure and the Future
Leadership & Management Topics
  • Transactional and Transformational leadership
  • Power: Handle with Care!
  • Introspection: The First Communication Skill
  • Managing with the Head and the Heart
  • Personalism in Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Servant Leadership in the Gita
  • Indian Ethos and management