Kovai Chandra Cultural & Educational Center

Community Building

Reviving Indian culture, getting people traditionally sensitized and propagating sustainable and community centric way of life with divine presence at its core are the objectives close to HH Bhakti Vinoda Swami Maharaj’s heart.

As a proponent of the “Simple Living High Thinking” philosophy His Holiness conceived and spearheaded the establishment of the Kovai Chandra Educational Centre that not only promises to promulgate the Vedic teachings but also allows for the amalgamation of art and education.

Museum and Exhibits

Understanding the true purpose of education, KCEC emphasizes teaching with the aid of “state-of -the -art” technology. A well-equipped museum with artworks depicting the life stories and past times of the Lord combined with an exhibition hall dedicated to have permanent as well as temporary exhibits pertaining to the scriptures, will ensure that all the purposes of education are achieved.

Kids Value Education

At KCEC Educational centre, our motto is “Education with values”. Its focus would be on imparting the most important education – the values and principles, which would define the personality of the student and sculpt the student into a well-rounded Human being.

Vedic Library

The Vedic library is most certainly going to be a treasure trove for anyone interested in immersing oneself into learning about the teachings of the spiritual texts. The library will employ optimum acoustic treatment that would provide a very peaceful, meditative ambience to read. It would also have a digital catalogue of all of the books categorized by title, author, year of publication, etc.

Cultural Centre – Music Dance &Drama

Performing arts has been a very important language of love which transcends all barriers. With music, dance and drama being intertwined with the cultural fabric of our country, it is no surprise that there cannot be a better tool of expression. The scriptures even prescribe devotional music as the best cure for the troubled mind in this day and age.