Real aim of education and life

The world today, is spectator to countless students of the modern educational system, burning midnight oil to earn a degree at the behest of parents, teachers, relatives et al. However, in the ensuing rat race, the true purpose of life is forgotten. Consequently, modern education becomes a mere burden without any intrinsic value. Thus the students drift away into an undignified path in pursuit of satisfaction and happiness, acquiring nothing but undesirable habits ultimately. Bad habits die hard. All of this is because the real purpose of life is not taught within the precincts of the modern classroom.

H.H. Bhakti Vinoda Swami speaks about the real aim of education as well as life, to a group of very inquisitive students in the classrooms of University of New South Wales, Sydney. He sets the right path, right vision and the right goal for the students, clarifying all of their doubts and hence giving them a clear understanding about the purpose of life, something beyond the mere quick fixes offered in the modern world.